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The Mining Camps - Provides a detailed history of how the gold camps were founded, by whom, and how they prospered. Photos of the historic spots & attractions, with directions to them. Gold Country Traveler's information - local museums, lodging, restaurants, schedules of events, and points of interest.

Sumpter Oregon - Western Mining History

Sumpter, Oregon in 1906. Baker County Library photo. Sumpter suffered the fate of many prominent western mining towns. In 1917 most of the town burned to the ground. Dwindling mine production at the time resulted in little interest in rebuilding. Many of the towns miners and …

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Oregon has 118,779 mining claims on public land listed in The Diggings™. Of these claims, 6.42% are active while 93.58% are now closed. Malheur, Baker, and Josephine are the most active counties in Oregon.

Oregon Mining Towns - Western Mining History

Oregon Mining Towns Oregon Mining History Oregon is a relatively small gold producer compared to other Western states (it ranks 11th in gold production, just ahead of Washington and New Mexico). Major gold districts are concentrated in southwest Oregon in the Klamath and Siskiyou Mountains and in the Northeast part of the state in the Blue ...

12 Eastern Oregon Gold Mining Towns (Maps & Locations ...

Dec 22, 2016· The following are a few of the mining towns that made a difference in the establishment of the State of Oregon. 1. Sumpter . The town of Sumpter was discovered by five men traveling through Oregon on their way to the gold mines of California.

Ghost Towns - Pacific Northwest Photoblog

The dry environment and long distances between points of civilization has preserved many great towns. Among the states on this list, Nevada has the most towns with intact ruins. Oregon This is the map that started it all. An attempt to identify areas in Oregon that had gold mining activity led to my interest in ghost towns and the history ...

Ghost town's gold mining swindle | Offbeat Oregon History

Nov 01, 2010· When it comes to attracting swindlers and charlatans, there’s nothing quite as effective as gold. And nowhere in Oregon was that fact more clear than in the bustling boomtown of Bourne — what today is a tiny ghost town, seven miles out of Sumpter along the banks of Cracker Creek.

Granite an almost-ghost-town with a wild past - Offbeat Oregon

May 05, 2009· The town’s founder was prospector Jack Long, and he founded the town because his mule got stuck in the mud while packing a big load of whiskey on July 4, 1862. Long pulled the mule out of the mud and found gold dust mixed with the mud on its feet. Immediately he staked a mining claim there. Within a week, he had company -- a lot of company.

Gold Mines in the Oregon Mountains | USA Today

Mar 21, 2018· Most people think of the Gold Rush in terms of California, but it spread farther north up the coast as well. Oregon's mountains contain quite a bit …

Ghost Towns of Oregon - Pacific Northwest Photoblog

Ghost Towns of Oregon. This is by far the most complete list of Oregon’s Ghost Towns in existence. Many people say that Oregon has between 60 and 80 ghost towns, I have identified 268 on the map below and have another 50+ to add to the map.

Oregon Mines - Mining Artifacts

And in Josephine County the first mining district in Oregon was organized. Prior to this date, some Oregonians going down to the California mines did find colors of gold at the old fort of Rogue River down below the point where the town of Gold Hill is now located. But as it was not worth working it was never reported as a discovery.

Historic Gold Hill – In the Middle of Everywhere

Gold Hill, North Carolina “In the middle of everywhere” For Shopping Info, Check out each store’s hours on the Shopping Page. Enjoy a nostalgic change of pace and step back in time as you stroll along the wood sidewalks of this restored nineteenth century Gold Mining boom town.

8 Creepy, Abandoned Ghost Towns In Oregon

The dilapidated buildings, broken-down cars, and dusty windows give us a glimpse of the town’s former life—and the ghosts that linger behind. Oregon has more ghost towns than any other state in the country. From abandoned gold rush towns to old farming communities, these eight ghost towns in Oregon are absolutely fascinating:

Oregon Gold Panning - Where to Go - Best Oregon Vacations

The Gold Nugget site is on the Rogue River outside of the town of Gold Hill on Highway 234. The BLM has a wonderful online brochure that gives specific directions, Oregon gold panning regulations, and instructions. Note: If you want to dredge for gold you need a permit from the State of Oregon. All Oregon Scenic Waterways are now closed to ...

Oregon Gold Maps | Gold Claims

Oregon Gold Maps Note: None of the Oregon images above show just how close you can zoom in and see potential gold prospecting sites. You’ll be amazed at how crisp the satellite imagery is and how much exploring and planning you can do from the comfort of your home.

Visit These 10 Creepy Ghost Towns In Oregon At Your Own Risk

Visit These 10 Creepy Ghost Towns In Oregon At Your Own Risk. The state of Oregon by its nature is frontier land, where scores of speculators, fur traders, and pioneers traveled; longing for their very own plots of land to live out the American Dream.

More Oregon Treasures Just Waiting to Be Found – Legends ...

Legend has it that buried in the area is an estimated $50,000 in gold bars and coins. Douglas County – Near the small town of Days Creek, miners were said to have buried pouches of gold nuggets in the late 1800s. The old mining camp sits at the confluence of Days Creek and the South Umpqua River about seven miles northeast of Canyonville.

Gold Mining Towns, Baker County, Oregon

Gold Mining Towns, Baker County, Oregon. Gold Mining Towns, Baker County, Oregon. Written in 1898. The chief towns in Baker county all tributary to Baker City commercially, financially and socially, are Sumpter, Huntington, Bourne, Haines and Bridgeport. Sumpter and Huntington the most important and populous, have not unreasonable hopes of ...

Oregon & Ghost Towns – History By Zim

May 08, 2013· Oregon has the most ghost towns than any other U.S. state. There are over 60 ghost towns in Oregon from abandoned logging camps to deserted gold mining towns. It’s hard to find a definitive number of how many towns there are because the state of remaining buildings and debris, if there are any, vary greatly.

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Some 20 million dollars in gold came from this wild and wooly gold mining town full of shootings, saloons and “sporting” ladies. Shortly after the gold was found in 1885, 1000 miners flocked to the town. In 1898 the town relocated a quarter mile to a new location, and it grew quickly.

History - Jacksonville - Heart of Southern Oregon Wine Country

History of Jacksonville Gold fever, wagon trains, Indian uprisings, epidemics and the settlement of a new frontier are all part of Jacksonville’s heritage. After a wild start as a gold rush town, our story began to quiet down as folks moved to the area to focus on agriculture, banking, and shop-keeping along with raising their families.

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Gold Panning in Oregon | USA Today

Mar 15, 2018· Miners began tromping through the streambeds of Oregon and digging through bedrock looking for “pay dirt” in the mid-1800s, and while the great gold …

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Welcome to Ghost Town Gallery This is our collection of more than 2000 pictures from 180 Ghost Towns, mining camps and historic places in the United States. Here you find photos of western towns, some completely abandoned , others still lively , abandoned mines , mills (where the ore was processed), old cemeteries , railroad towns and depots .

Sumpter Oregon - Gold Rush Town - Best Oregon Vacations

Sumpter, Oregon had its beginnings with the discovery of gold in 1862 and today you can see how it was mined, pan gold yourself, and enjoy the spectacular scenery. It is located in the beautiful Elkhorn Mountains of Eastern Oregon which provide opportunities for people to enjoy nature, camping, gold panning, fishing, backpacking, fishing ...

9 Places to go Gold Panning in Oregon without a Mining ...

Oct 29, 2016· And: Jacksonville, Oregon: A Gold Rush Town with Charm . 5. Sixes River . Apprimately 10 miles east of Sixes, Oregon is an access point for gold prospectors. It is called the Sixes River BLM Recreational Mining Site and is roughly 1 mile of the Sixes River that anyone can do some prospecting on without needing a mining claim.

Map and Download GPS Waypoints for 589 Mines in Oregon

Apr 19, 2019· Map and Download GPS Waypoints for 589 Mines in Oregon Click here to download GPS waypoints (POIs) for all of the mines in Oregon in GPX format . Then, download ExpertGPS mapping software , which will allow you to print maps of any mine in Oregon, view mines on USGS topo maps and aerial photos, and send the mines as waypoints or POIs directly ...

Sumpter, Oregon was a booming gold-mining town at the time ...

Feb 3, 2019- Sumpter, Oregon was a booming gold-mining town at the time this photo was taken. A number of businesses on Mill Street can be identified in this early city view.

Oregon Mines - Photograph Oregon

From the early 1900’s to the 1930’s cinnabar mining was king in this area east of Prineville, Oregon. They were extracting the mercury from cinnabar drop by drop to use it in the silver and gold mining industries in other local mining efforts. At some point, one by one, they just walked away leaving the equipment and buildings.

Quartzville Creek – Oregon Gold Locations - Oregon Gold

Quartzville is an old ghost town located in Linn County, near Sweet Home in the state of Oregon. Gold was first found here on September 5th, 1863 by a man named Jeremiah Driggs. More than a thousand people called Quartzville home during a small gold boom that followed. During this time Sweet Home grew and became the supply point for Quartzville.

Southern Oregon Ghost Towns - Photograph Oregon

Golden, Oregon. Golden is another abandoned mining town located on Coyote Creek in Josephine County. Coyote Creek was first settled in the late 1840s when gold was discovered. Most of the original white settlers left when gold was found in the Salmon River nearby in 1850. Chinese miners took over the abandoned mines soon after the settlers left.

Where to Find Gold Mining and Prospecting in Oregon.

Oregon has a rich gold mining history, and there is still plenty of gold waiting to be found. Most gold prospecting in Oregon is done in the southwest and northeast parts of the state, where extensive gold discoveries have been made. Suction dredging, sluicing, and metal detecting are all good ways to recover gold nuggets in Oregon.

Ghost Towns of Oregon -

This class E former gold mining town is on US 199, five miles south of Selma. Kerby was established around 1850, and through the 1850s was a major gold mining camp with some 500 people. In 1980 it still had about 500 folks, and a nice collection of old buildings. LONEROCK: Gilliam Co.

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