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The clamps hold the mirror centrally on the grinding platter, Freeing one should allow the mirror to be removed, cleaned and reset with out disturbing the centering. The tool for grinding was made from cutting a disk to the same size as the mirror from 3/4" plywood and using duck tape to create a …

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There are a lot of misconceptions about making a mirror - read this even if you don't plan to make a mirror, but just want to know how it is done - with your bare hands and a few simple tools, you can grind and figure a fine mirror with a surface accurate to a few millionths of an inch! Telescope Formulas and Design Comparator

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My Mirror Grinding Machine. For a long time I've wanted to build a machine for grinding telescope mirrors. Dennis Rech's M-o-M designs finally inspired me to just get up and do it. Over the years, I'd been collecting motors, gear boxes, pulleys, etc.

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Discounted Telescope Mirror Blanks, Mirror Grinding Tools, and odd-sized blanks Discounted Mirror Blanks - Big Savings! TelescopeMirrorBlanks.Com sells discounted mirror blanks which have a few more surface scratches than normal, or more than average edge chipping - these mirror blanks are perfectly usable, just a bit "aesthetically challenged" and these cosmetic flaws will in no way affect ...

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If the tool is much smaller than the mirror blank, the fine grinding and polishing should be done with the tool on top. It is a good idea to use lukewarm water during the last wets of fine grinding, and also during polishing. Cold water may shrink the mirror face allowing us to grind or polish away the edge.


MIRROR STARTER KITS. ... All the mirror blanks and grinding tools have a plano surface (flat surface) unless otherwise noted. The grinding and polishing compounds are listed and are believed to be adequate to complete a finished mirror, however, the actual quantity required will depend on the fabricator's skill. ...

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Dec 15, 2000· Any warping of a wooden grinding tool base is very likely to cause trouble during the last stages of fine grinding. Even worse, such problems may not become apparent until you are well into polishing your mirror. That is not the time to have to make and break in a new grinding tool.

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Nov 01, 2011· Basically there are two types of grinding/polishing machine. The ‘traditional’ type which involves the mirror rotating at a relatively slow speed, a few rpm for a big mirror (16-20 inches) with the tool moving across the mirror, from side to side, at a higher rpm depending on the size of the mirror and/or tool.

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Mar 10, 2017· The center of the mirror is the most likely to be contacted by any motion, so it is abraded more frequently and becomes the deepest point, while the edges are worn less. The distribution between "less" and "more" is spherical. I can at least understand the process of grinding or lapping a surface flat. Here are a couple examples:

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Previously in rough grinding we deepened the center of the mirror's face either by grinding with coarse grit and a tool, slumping in a kiln over a mold, or purchasing the glass pre-generated. During fine grinding, we'll grind the mirror face against a tool with a series of ever finer grits.

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Aug 09, 2011· The full 40-minute video of how to grind a mirror blank prior to having it silvered. Made in association with Terry Pearce and Simon Lang of the Camden Amateur Telescope Society, it …

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Find great deals on eBay for mirror grinding. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. eBay Logo: ... 6mm Wool Special Felt Grinding Head Glass Mirror Buff Wheel Tool 50Pcs Shank 3mm See more like this. 100pcs Polishing Wheels 3mm shank Wool Mirror Fine Grinding …

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31 rows· Grinding the curve into the mirror face can be done by one of the following approaches: …

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The key to successful mirror grinding is randomness in stroke numbers and tool and disc rotation. Adding more randomness with a tile tool made from tiles that have been smashed with a …

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Feb 11, 2014· Gordon Waite describes the mirror grinding tool that he used to grind a pair of 22" f/4.0 mirrors for the Binoscope project. The tool is made from dental plaster and ceramic tile.

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C. R. Laurence is the world leader, wholesale distributor to the Glazing, Industrial, Construction, Architectural, Hardware and Automotive Industries, supplying railing, windscreen, standoffs, and other supplies to major industries and manufacturers.

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Throughout the grinding and final lapping stages, the objective has been to reduce pits and scratches to the smallest possible size. However, no amount of grinding can produce a surface smooth enough or sufficiently transparent to meet the needs of a first-class telescope objective. Different techniques are …

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Mirror Grinding Tool - pizzamanteca.com. Mirror Grinding Tool Mirror Grinding Machine Cloudy Nights 2010-9-29 · Mirror Grinding Machine posted in ATM, Optics and DIY Forum: I have some interest in building a grinding machine for possible up to an 18 mirror, but something that will also do a 6 or 8 mirror.

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Mirror grinding machine construction log I started thinking about building my own mirror grinding machine several years ago. Having been on the ATM list now since almost the beginning of it here on the web, I had lots of of inspiration reading of others projects and viewing their webpages

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Making A Mirror Grinding Tool times better than the average mirror found in an imported telescope a design named for its inventor, Sir Isaac Newton. Get Now. Astro-Tel - Mirror grinding machine. I made my first mirror grinding and polishing machine over thirty years ago. It used I based my design on the machine "B" illustrated on the same page ...

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Getting Started - Beveling the Mirror and Tool To ensure that the mirror or tool edges won't chip during grinding, the edges of the mirror and tool must be beveled. I regret not requesting the factory do this job. Hours were spent with a grinding stone trying to get all the edges to about 1/8" wide.

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Obviously a plaster tool can be used perfectly as a pitch polishing tool. I usually pour the tools for laps after finishing grinding with #300 grit. The tool should be dry before pouring the pitch and rubbing it with turpentine will make the pitch stick better.

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A tile tool is less expensive than a glass tool (either Pyrex or plate), and because it is naturally grooved, it works much faster than an un-grooved glass tool - many people find it works about twice as fast. We use tile tools in all our mirror courses at Stellafane.

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Jumping into Mirror Making Michael Mills. I have been preparing to grind my own primary mirror for a long time. I've collected many fine books on telescope making and mirror grinding, including Richard Berry's Build Your Own Telescope, Sam Brown's All About Telescopes, and Jean Texereau's How to Make a Telescope.I read through all of these books, ordered a 6" mirror kit from Willmann-Bell, and ...

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To place the mirror on the tool, the center of the mirror should first contact the edge of the tool. Do not touch the edge of the mirror to the tool ever, otherwise you will chip the mirror. When grinding each side of the mirror, do not go too far over one side, or not far enough. Go a little bit, but not a lot off center.

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MIRROR GRINDING MACHINE. I made my first mirror grinding and polishing machine over thirty years ago. It used the working principle of the machine illustrated at "A" Fig.3, Page 163, "Amateur Telescope Making" Book 1. A bowl which rotated was fitted to the spindle.

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Want to build your own telescope? Start with one of our telescope mirror kits. Each kit comes with a telescope mirror blank and all the abrasives (silicon carbide grits and white aluminum oxide powders), cerium oxide polish and pitch to grind and polish it to your specifications.

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Nov 15, 2001· This tool worked fairly well, but progress was slow nonetheless, and I didn't like all the rust stains on everything. As the mirror and tool were slowly pulverized by the grinding process, the iron in the resulting grinding "mud" instantly oxidized.

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Making A Mirror Grinding Tool By Allen Malsburry The average person would never think, “I can make my own telescope.” Most amateur astronomers believe, “I can buy a better telescope than I can build.” Neither is actually correct. For many decades now, amateur …

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Jul 08, 2012· Mirror grinding tile tool - posted in ATM, Optics and DIY Forum: Hi all, Im about to begin crafting a mirror grinding tool out of plaster and tile. In researching how to make the tool, Ive ran across some conflicting instructions. Would I create the tool flat or make it convex in accordance to the final shape of my mirror (an 8 f/8 parabola)?

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Mirror-O-Matic grinding machine. When I decided in 2009 after a ten-year break to get into mirror making again, it quickly became clear to me that I would need to construct machine, as hand grinding big mirrors is not something very beneficial for the hands of a musician.

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